Full From Of Important Short From


Name is very important part in every one’s life, it may be an organization or it may be a human or an non human like organization. Name give an identity which people , organization carry throughout their life, life-time respectively but some time names becomes too long to remember or it is so lengthy to pronounce so there is need of short form. Here in this post you will come to know some full short form which may help in your every day’s life. Hope this will be useful to you people.

Full From Of Important Short From

Full From Of Important Short From


A.A.F – Auxiliary Air Force.
A.L.H – Advanced Light Helicopter.
A.D.B – Asian Development Bank.
A.I.D.S – Acquiredimmunc Deficiency Syndrome.
A.I.I.M.S – All India Institute of Medical Science.
A.I.N.F.C – All India News Paper’s Editors Conference.
A.I.T.U.C – All India Trade Union Congress.
A.M.I.E – Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers.
A.T.S – Applications Technology Satellite.
A.W.W.A – The Army Wives Welfare Association.
A.A.S.U – All-Assam Students Union.
A.B.M – Anti Ballistic Missiles.
a/c – Account.
A.D – anno Domini; in the year of Lord Christ.
A.C – Alternative Current; / Ashok Chakra.
A.D.C – Aide-de-Camp.
A.D.M.K – Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.
A.G – Accountant General; / Adjutant General.
A.I – Air India.
A.I.C.C – All India Congress Committee.
A.I.R – All India Radio.
A.I.S.S.F – All India Sikh Students Federation.
A.M – ante meridiem; / before noon.
A.M.C – Army Medical Crop.
A.N.C – African National Congress.
A.P.P.E.A.L – Asia-Pacific Programme of Education for All.
A.S.A.T – Anti-Satellite Weapon.
A.S.E.A.N – Association of South-East Asian Nations.
A.S.L.V – Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle.
A.S.P.A.C – Asian Pacific Council.
A.S.R.O.C.K – Anti-Submarine Rocket Launchers.
A.S.S.O.C.H.A.M – Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
A.T.S – Anti-Tetanus Serum (injection).
A.V.A.R.O – Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development.
A.V.C – Army Veterinary Corps.
A.W.A.C.S – Airborne Warning and Control System.


B.A.R.C – Bhaba Atomic Recherché Centre.
B.B.C – British Broadcasting Corporation.
B.O.A.C – British Overseas Airways Corporation.
B.S.S – Bharat Sevak Samaj.
B.C.C.I – Board of Cricket Control India.
B.A – Bachelor of Arts; / British Academy.
B.C – Before Christ; / Board of Control; / British Columbia; / Battery Commander.
B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce.
B.C.G – Bacillus Calmette Guerin- Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccine.
B.E – Bachelor of Engineering.
B.Ed – Bachelor Education.
B.H.U – Banaras Hindu University.
B.I.S – Bureau of Indian Standards (formerly known a ISI).
B.O.A.C – British Overseas Airways Corporation.
B.Pharm – Bachelor of Pharmacy.
B.P.E – Bureau of Public Enterprises.
B.R.L – Bharat Refineries Limited.
B.R.O – Border Road Organization.
B.S.F – Border Security Force.
B.Sc – Bachelor of Science.



C.B.F.C – Central Board of Film Certification.
C..C.I – Cricket Club of India.
C.F.S.I – Children’s Film Society of India.
C.I.A – Central Intelligence Agency.
C.I.D – Criminal Investigation Department.
C.O.R.D.E.T – Co-operative Rural Development Trust.
C.W.R.D.M – Centre for Water Resources Development and Management.
C.A – Chartered Accountant.
C & AG – Comptroller & Auditor General.
C.A.I.R – Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
C.R.A.E – Co-Operative for American Relief Everywhere.
C.A.S – Chief of Army Staff; / Chief of Air Staff.
C.B.I – Central Bureau of Investigation.
C.E.N.T.O – Cricket Treaty Organization.
CF.R.I – Central Fuel Research Institute.
C.F.S – Container Freight Station.
C.G.C.R.I – Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (Calcutta).
C.G.S – Chief of the General Staff.
C.H.S – Central Intelligence Agency (of U.S.A).
C-in-C – Commander-in-Chief.
C.I.T.U – Centre of Indian Trade Unions.
C.L.A.S.S – Computer Literacy and Studies in School.
C.M – Command Module; / Chief Minister.
C.M.A.L – Coal Mines Authority of India Ltd.
C.N.S – Chief of the Naval Staff.
C.O – Commanding Officer.
C.O.D – Central Ordnance Dept; / Cash on Delivery.
C.O.M.E.C.O.N – Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.
C.P.H.E.R.I – Central Public Health Engineering Research Institute.
C.P.I – Communist Party of India.
C.R – Central Railway.
C.S.I.R – Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
C.T.O – Central Telegraph Office.
C.V.R – Cockpit Voice Recorder.


D.A.F – Department of Atomic Energy.
D.F.D.R – Digital Flight Data Recorder.
D.P.A.P – Drought Prone Areas Programme.
D.A – Dearness Allowance; / Daily Allowance.
D.C – Deputy Commissioner; / Direct Current in Electricity.
D.C.L – Doctor of Civil Law.
D.D.T – Dichloro-Dephenyl Trichloro-ethane (disinfectant).
D.Litt – Doctor of Literature.
D.L.O – Dead Letter Office.
D.M – District Magistrate.
D.V.C – Damodor Valley Corporation.
D.R.D.O – Defence Research and Development Organization.
D.O.D – Department of Renewable Energy Sources.
D.N.A – de-oxyribonucleic acid.


E.g. – Exempli Gratia (For Example).
E.C.H.R – European Commission on Human Right.
E.E.C – European Economic Community.
E.S.M.A – Essential Service Maintenance Act.
E.S.R.F – Economic and Scientific Research Foundation.
E.A.R.C – Economic Administration Reforms Commission.
E.C.E – Economic Commission for Europe.
E.C.G – Electro Cardio-gram.
E.C.U – European Currency Unit.
E.E.G – Electro-encephalography.
E.M.F – Electro-motive Force.
E.M.S – European Monetary System.
E.M.U – Electric-Multiple Unit; / Extra-vehicular Mobility Unit.
E.P.N.S – Electroplated Nickel Silver.
E.S.A – European Space Agency.
F.A.O – Food and Agriculture Organization.
F.I.S.I – Friends of India Society International.
F.S.I – Fisheries Survey of India.
F.B.I – Federal Bureau of Investigation (of U.S.A).
F.D.R – Flight Data Recorder.
F.I.C.C.I – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
F.M – Field Marshal.
Fob – Free on Board.
For – Free on Rail.
FR.C.D – Floating Rate Certificates of Deposits.
F.R.C.S – Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.
F.R.S – Fellow of the Society.
F.T.I.I – Film and Television Institute of India.


G.A.T.T – General Agreement on Tariff and Trade.
G.S.T.P – Global Syestem of Trade Preferences.
G.D.P – Gross Domestic Product.
G.A.I.L – Gas Authority of India Limited.
G.C.M – Greatest Common Measure.
G.D.R – German Democratic Republican (east Germany).
G.H.Q – Genera Head Quarters.
G.I.C – General Insurance Corporation.
G.M.T – Greenwich Mean Time.
G.N.P – Gross National Product.
G.O.I – Government of India.
G.N.L.F – Gorkha National Liberation Front.
G.P.O – General Post Office.
G.S.P – Generalized System of Preferences.


H.M.T – Hindustan Machine and Tools.
H.A.L – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
H.S.L – Hindustan Steel Limited.
H.C.F – Highest Common Factor.
H.E – His Excellency.
H.E.H – His or Her Exalted Highness.
H.U.D.C.O – Housing and Urban Development Corporation.
H.H – His or Her Highness.
H.G – His or Her Grace.
H.M.T – Hand Micro Telephone; / Hindustan Machine Tools.


I.C.A.R – Indian Council for Agriculture Research.
I.C.C – Indian Criminal Court.
I.C.M.R – Indian Council of Medical Research.
I.I.L.M – Indian Institute of Legal Metrology.
I.O – International Labour Organization.
I.M.F – International Monetary Fund.
I.S.R.O – Indian Space Research Organization.
I.T.D.C – Indian Tourism Development Corporation.
I.O.E – Indian Olympic Association.
I.I.A.I – International Airport Authority of India.
IA.A.S – Indian Audit and Accounts Service.
I.A.C – Indian Airlines Corporation.
I.A.E.A – International Atomic Energy Agency.
I.A.F – Indian Air Force.
I.A.M.C – Indian Army Medical Crops.
I.A.S – Indian Administrative Service.
I.A.T.A – International Air Transport Association.
I.B.R.D – International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
I.L.O – International Labour Organization.
I.M.A – Indian Military Academy.
I.M.S – Indian Medical Service.
I.N- Indian Navy.
I.N.A – Indian National Army.
I.P.C – Indian Penal Code.
I.P.I – International Press Institute.
I.P.S – Indian Police Service; / Indian Postal Service.
I.S.S.P – Indian Scientific Satellite Project.
I.S.T – Indian Slandered Time.
I.T.B.F – Indo-Tibetan Border Force.
I.T.D.C – Indian Tourism Development Corporation.
I.T.O – Income Tax Officer.


J.P.C – Joint Parliamentary Comity.
J.R.C – Junior Red Cross.
J.C.O – Junior Commissioned Officer.
J.P – Justice of the Peace.


L.I.C – Life Insurance Corporation of India.
L.I.B – Bachelor of Law.
L.P.G – Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
L.C.A – Light Combat Aircraft.
L.I.X.I.S.C.O.P.E – Low-intensity X-ray Image Scope.
L.M.G – Light Machine Gun.
L.T.T.E – Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eaelam.


M.A – Master of Arts.
M.B.B.S – Bachelor of Medical and Bachelor of Surgery.
M.T.C.R – Missile Technology Control Regime.
M.A.P.P – Madras Atomic Power Project.
M.C.F – Master Control Facility.
M.D – Doctor of Medicine.
M.E.S – Military Engineering Service.
M.L.A – Member of Legislative Assembly.
M.L.C – Member of Legislative Council.
M.M.T.C – Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation of India.
M.P – Member of Parliament.
M.T.B – Motor Torpedo Boat.


N.C.E.R.T – National Council of Educational Research and Training.
N.C.S.T.C – The National Council for Science and Technology Communication.
N.F.D.C – National Film Development Corporation.


O.A.N.A – Organization of Asian News Agency.
O.I.G.S – On Indian Government Service.
O.N.G.C – Oil and Natural Gas Commission.
O.P.E.C – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
O.S.T.A – Ocean Science Technology Agency.


Pin-code – Postal Index Number Code.
P.T.I – Press Trust of India.
PhD – Doctor of Philosophy.
P.I.B – Press Information Bureau.
P.R.O – Public Relation Officer.
P.W.D – Public Works Department.


Q.E.D – Qued Earat Demonstradum.


R.B.I – Reserve Bank of India.
R.C.C – Reinforced Cement Concrete.
R.M.S – Railway Mail Service.
R.S.S – Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh.
R.T.O – Regional Transport Officer.


S.A.R – Synthetic Aperture Radar.
S.I.T.E – Satellite Instructional Television Experiment.
S.R.O.S.S – Stretched Rohini Satellite Series.


T.D.C – Technical Development Council.
T.E.L.C.O – Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company.
T.W.A – Trans World Airlines.


U.N.O – United Nation of Organizations.
U.N.A.D.F – United Nations Agricultural Development Fund.
U.N.C.T.A.D – United Nations Conference on Trade & Development.
U.N.E.P – United Nations Environment Programme.
U.N.E.S.C.O – United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.
U.N.I.C.E.F – United Nations International Children Emergency Fund.
U.N.I.D.O – United Nations Industrial Development Organizations.


V.A.T – Value Added Tax.
V.S.S.C – Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.
V.D.I.S – Voluntary Disclosure Income Scheme.


W.E.D – World Environment Day.
W.H.O – World Health Organization.
W.T.C.A – World Trade Centres Associations.
W.W.I – World Watch Institute.


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